What happened to candace in you

If you have seen the second season of Youthen you know that Candace was murdered, but the fans still can't believe it. Just like season one, Candace might come back to life and fans are strongly hoping for it to happen. This pursuit of justice is the storyline of season 2. Season 1 of You did not explain what happened to her after she broke up with Joe.

Joe knocked Candace down and drove her to the forest where he buried her alive. When Candace gained consciousness, she pushed the dirt off her and went to the police.

But then the police office suggests that she should hide and change her identity to be safe from Joe and keep him in shadows abut her not actually dying. She confronts him and threatens to expose the secrets he has.

Candace is determined to tell Love the truth about Joe as she is still in love with him and could be in danger.

What actually happened to Candace in Netflix series ‘You’?

She calls her to the warehouse to show her firsthand how dangerous Joe can be. Candace tries to tell the truth to Love. She does not listen and is unfazed by the proof provided by Candace. Unlike her first near-death experience where the viewer doesn't actually see Candance die, she is shown to lose a lot of blood, and Love ever hides Candace's dead body in the trunk of her car. Thus, it can conclusively be said that Candace is actually dead by the end of season 2 of You.

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Breaking News. Does Candace die in You season 2 or not? Read here for the answer. Related Stories. Jennifer Winget's most stunning portrait pictures on Instagram.Over the holiday season, You on Netflix became everyone's favorite new binge-watch, and it's easy to see why.

From its suave serial-killer protagonist Joe Goldberg superbly played by Gossip Girl 's Penn Badgleyto the multiple mysteries and major cliffhanger Season 1 ended with, You captivated its audience with ease. Following the news that the show will return for a second season in it's moving from Lifetime to a Netflix Originalit's time to reexamine one of Season 1's biggest mysteries: Is Candace really alive after that crazy finale?

Throughout the first season of the show, Candace is Joe's mysterious ex-girlfriend—a musician who cheats on him, then flees to Italy to start a new life with her lover. When asked what happened to her, Joe shows Beck photos of Candace's new, secret Instagram account, in an attempt to prove that she's still alive and well. However, Beck is suspicious, especially when they bump into a friend of Candace's at a party who proceeds to quiz Joe about his ex, who is apparently missing.

Gradually, it's revealed that Joe murdered the person with whom Candace was cheating—a record executive who was helping her launch her career—by pushing him off a tall building in a fit of rage. Viewers were shown Candace breaking up with Joe, but we never saw her die, though the character appeared to Joe in flashbacks and hallucinations. It seemed likely she was dead—her fate predicting Beck's end at Joe's hands. That was until the finale, when Candace turned up at Joe's bookstore, wearing her Lolita heart-shaped shades and telling him, "I think we have some unfinished business to talk about.

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The book version of Youwritten by author Caroline Kepnes, presents a very different end for Candace, with zero doubt about her fate. However, it seems the show has deviated from this story with Candace's return at the end of the season. Following Season 1's major cliffhanger, it seems pretty certain that Candace will be back for the second season. However, though we already know the next season will see Joe move to Los Angelesit's unclear whether Candace will follow him there.

Can she really escape Joe's clutches for a second time?

what happened to candace in you

And so it propels that character [Joe] a lot in what he decides to do next. The actress who portrays Candace—Ambyr Childers—has also been teasing her return on Instagram:. With Youanything is possible. Joe has vivid hallucinations and flashbacks throughout Season 1, making it extremely possible that when Candace shows up at the bookstore, she's just a figment of his imagination.

Season 2 will largely follow Kepnes' second book in the series, Hidden Bodieswhich you can catch up on now. With You set to return to Netflix inwe'll hopefully have all of our questions about Candace answered before the year is out!

what happened to candace in you

Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories.You tells the story of Joe Goldberg played by Penn Bagley and his twisted love life as he ends up killing those around him. Surprisingly, one person who doesn't die is Candace Ambyr Childers but fans of the original book will know what her true fate was. Although the characters are based on those in the book, the plot of You on Netflix takes a dramatic and different turn from the one told in the novel. Throughout You, Joe is haunted by flashbacks to his ex-girlfriend called Candace which leads us to believe that Candace passed away or was killed by Joe.

Viewers are told early on that Candace cheated on Joe and then she moved to Italy with her lover and cut all contact with her former life. However, suspicions are then raised about what really happened to Cadence in episode two when her friend Maddie Johnston Manini Gupta meets Joe at a party. Later on in the series, Beck Elizabeth Lail starts to suspect that something is not quite right about Joe's past with Candace and does some investigations of her own.

Despite finding no trace of Candace, Joe tells her was left heartbroken by the affair and proves to Beck that Candace is still alive and she is in fact, using a different second name on Instagram.

However, in the book, Candace has a very different ending - in which Joe drowns Candace after she breaks up with him. Joe reflects on how he wishes Candace just walked away after the break but instead she stayed to comfort him.

However, Joe claimed Candace stayed deliberately to make him feel vulnerable and therefore she deserved to die. Is it possible Candace knows that Joe is a killer?

‘YOU’ Season 2 Marks The Return Of Fan-Favorite Candace, But For How Long?

Fans will have to wait until season two to find out because Candace will definetely be back for season two alongside Joe and new characters Ellie Jenna OrtegaForty James Scully and Quinn Victoria Pedretti. Fans have been speculating about what will happen in season two with some asking about Peach's friend Rajwho was invited to her house and disappeared not long before her death. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission on any sales of products or services we write about.

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This article was written completely independently, see more details here. You on Netflix is based on the novel of the same name by Caroline Kepnes. The second season will be based on the sequel, Hidden Bodies.

She also mentions how odd it seems that she just completely disappeared. You season 2 Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot You on Netflix location: Where is You on Netflix filmed and set? You season 2: Is Candace really dead? Will she return in season 2?

Does Candace Die In 'You Season 2'? Here's The Answer To The Question That's Haunting Fans

Netflix You on Netflix.Warning: Spoilers for YOU season 2 ahead. Candace returned in the final moment of season 1 to hold Joe accountable for his actions, which consists of her entire storyline for season 2. Turns out, when Candace tried to end the relationship, Joe knocked her unconscious, drove her deep into a forest and tried to bury her alive.

When Candace woke up, she was able to push through the dirt and go to the police. Once she does, she tracks down Joe and then follows him to Los Angeles, where she threatens to expose his secrets. The episode continues with Love finding both Joe and Candace. Unbeknownst to both of them, Love is crazy and obsessed with Joe. When Candace tries to convince Love that Joe is insane and a murderer, Love stabs her in the neck—and thus, kills her.

So to answer the previous question, yes, Candace dies in YOU season 2. Share Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr. What's hot.

what happened to candace in you

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Facebook Pinterest Twitter Tumblr Instagram. Facebook Pinterest Twitter. Post to Cancel.Christmas may be quickly approaching, but for fans of Netflix's YouDec. We are dying to meet Love, the new love interest our main man and stalker-turned-murderer Joe is fixated on this time around. But before getting into the nitty gritty of season twolet us not forget the major cliffhanger we were left with in the final episode of season one: the return of Joe's mysterious ex Candace. If you need a refresher on the events leading up to this crazy surprise, keep reading for a full recap on everything we know about Candace and Joe.

When we first hear of Candace, Joe and Beck are attending a party hosted by Peach. On their way out, Joe is confronted by an old friend of Candace's, Maddie Johnson. Maddie seems suspicious and questions Joe about what happened between he and Candace, and how she just disappeared and seemingly ghosted everyone she knew "so suddenly. In episode six, Joe begins to hallucinate and see visions of Candace while he is sneaking around Peach's family estate in Connecticut, where Peach took Beck for the weekend.

Candace haunts Joe several times throughout this visit, the last time calling him "jealous" in an apparent half-recreation, half-flashback of a fight she must have had with Joe in their past relationship, right before Peach finds him and slaps him unconscious.

Then, in the following episode, we see hallucination Candace again — this time she tauntingly asks Joe if Beck will end up like her, which leads us to question if Joe might have killed her. Later on, once Beck and Joe reunite after Joe's breakup with Karen, Beck hears mention of Candace when she runs into Karen, who had obviously taken a visit to Beck's neighborhood for a thank you.

Karen tells Beck that she feels Candace still "has her claws" in Joe, and that "what he did to me one of these days he's gonna do to you, or worse, maybe he'll do whatever the hell he did to Candace. Episode nine opens with Joe having a nightmare starring Candace. This time, we see her hooking up with another man and Joe locked in the basement book cage at Mooney's screaming her name, which leads him to wake himself up shouting it. He thinks Beck remains asleep, but then we see that she definitely heard it loud and clear.

During their breakfast routine together, Beck slyly begins to question Joe about the whole Candace story, and he evades it by telling her "some people function to show you what isn't right for you, and others show you exactly what is. Meanwhile, Joe tries to flesh out the details of his Candace nightmares by once again seeing his and Beck's therapist Dr. During this appointment, we finally see the flashback to the moment when Joe first meets Candace outside of a venue where she and her band are preparing to play a show.

A grumpy Candace complains to her bandmates that she is tired and hungry to no avail, and Joe happens to be walking by and offers to help carry in some of the gear. She tells him her band's name, Heathcliff's Misery, and sparks immediately fly.

As the episode continues, we see more flashbacks between Joe and Candace, including the Christmas memory in which he gifts her an original copy of Wuthering Heights. We also see a telling confrontation between the two in which Joe angrily accuses Candace of having an inappropriate relationship with someone named Elijah, whom she had been texting but telling Joe it was just her brother.

Cutting to another scene, Candace is leaving to go meet Elijah, a record label producer, which infuriates Joe because he believes the man to be predatory.

In true Joe fashion, he follows her to the meeting and catches her in the act of cheating on him in Elijah's car. Later that night, Joe heads up to confront Elijah about the affair and ends up pushing him off the rooftop in a fit of rage, killing him. In the mean time, Beck begins a crusade to find out exactly what happened to make Candace suddenly run off to Italy. She questions Ethan, who tells her to drop it, of which she does the exact opposite. In paying a visit to Maddie Johnson, Beck finds out that Candace left for Italy without warning, and without any further contact with her friends or family — including her brother, who we then find out had been living in a psychiatric hospital.

Beck calls the hospital pretending to be Candace in an effort to try and reach her brother, only to find out that he had passed away six months prior. That night, when Joe arrives at Beck's apartment, she confronts him about the entire situation and demands answers. Joe shows her a social media account he claims Candace had created under a changed name, full of pictures of her doing touristy things around Italy.

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This diffuses the situation and everything goes back to normal. Finally, once Beck discovers Joe's box of Candace's items, there's a flashback to the last time he and Candace were together in the past; Candace is packing up her things in the apartment.Skip navigation! Story from TV Shows.

Kaitlin Reilly. Warning: spoilers for You ahead. However, while Joe's number one priority is the allegedly talented writer, viewers soon learn that there's another woman on his mind. Joe's musician ex-girlfriend Candace Ambyr Childers haunts his dreams like something out of an Edgar Allan Poe story, but Joe clearly doesn't have all the facts. In the penultimate episode "Candace," we see a flashback in which Joe strikes Candace during their breakup, in what we assume is her final moments.

Shockingly, that's not the case: In the last seconds of season 1, Candace shows up to Joe's bookstore much to Joe's surprise and says that they need to talk. If you read Caroline Kepnes' book You before checking out the series this ending likely shocked you.

In the novel, Joe indeed killed Candace by drowning her on the beach when she attempted to break up with him. For those wondering if this is another Candace illusion, creator Sera Gamble confirmed in an interview with TVGuide that Candace is there and that the other people in the bookstore can see her.

Mooney Mark Blum for instructions after he pushed Candace's lover Esteban Benito off a building, and made sure to meticulously dispose of Benji's Lou Taylor Pucci body. Sure, it's possible that Joe wasn't super good at murder when he "killed" Candace, but he wouldn't be that lazy about things, would he?

It also brings up questions about that Instagram account he showed Beck so that she would know Candace is alive but living under a different name. The pics looked seriously photoshopped, and it's possible that Joe still created this account to "prove" Candace was in Europe.

He wouldn't be if he just left her body to be discovered, which, clearly, it never was. My theory? Joe did try to dispose of Candace's body, but in a way that would make it possible for her to survive. There's a potential clue of what Joe did to Candace in the episode "Amour Fou.

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It's in this very episode where Candace, as a "ghost" or hallucination, is most prominent. Maybe Joe has some sailing experience and took Candace's "body" out on a boat to dump it. Except, after Joe thought he laid Candace to rest at the bottom of the ocean, she swam away and found safety.

Coming back to New York, and to the boyfriend who tried to murder herwas obviously not an option, which is why Joe thought he got rid of Candace for good. Of course, we won't know what happened to this no-longer-hallucinatory ex until season 2 of You hits Netflix.

Since that date is still TBD, we have ample time to speculate about her fate From T There were dresses adorned with e.

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The future of many Bachelor Nation shows are up in the air right now due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. But since the new Bachelor show Listen to You.Now, everyone calls me Joe. The series follows Joe Goldberg Badgleya New York bookstore manager who, in a nutshell, becomes obsessed with an acquaintance, stalks her on social media, kills the people around her, and then when she finds out, kills her.

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But what happened to her? We knew that Candace had mysteriously disappeared, and with Joe being a mass murderer and all, it was a safe assumption that he had killed her. It was surprising therefore when she rocked up in the last scene, asking Joe if he was surprised she was alive and telling him they had unfinished business.

A post shared by Decider. Well, it turns out that in the book that the series is based on, she was murdered by Joe, leading viewers to theorise that she somehow managed to survive, after Joe presumed she was dead. Is that the unfinished business that Joe is referring to? Netflix Credit: Netflix. This is blowing our minds. View this post on Instagram. Latest Stories. Prince Philip and the Queen apparently have strong opinions about The Crown.

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what happened to candace in you


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